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Sponsor Shout Out ~ Koru Kai

The power of plants . . .

From the earliest of times, man's medicine came from around us - the wise medicine man or woman knew which plants to use alone or in combination, to prevent ailments and assist healing. In today's modern world where "science" and pharmaceutical medicine are king, these natural remedies have largely been forgotten and/or poo-pooed, but luckily for the world, they are making a comeback. And luckily for you, one of our neighbours has made it their business and is sharing some of their expertise and products with all our Totara Trails finishers!

Koru Kai create natural herbal goodness for day to day health. Everything is grown organically on Banks Peninsula and made using environmentally friendly methods and packaging as much as is practical. The herbs are harvested manually at their peak time full of volatile oils and potency. They are then carefully dried on racks in a purpose built solar ventilated drying shed away from direct sunlight. This method retains the colour, potency and constituents of the herbs in order to achieve an outstanding product.

The Koru Kai range includes natural herbal health remedies, skin repair and wound healing balms, skin care solutions, pregnancy, birth, and baby care products, natural massage oils, cooking seasonings, and of course herbal teas. When you visit their garden, the smell of chamomile and the other herbs is simply wonderful!

When Cornelia heard about our race she immediately offered to donate her amazing foot balm for the competitors. This balm is packed with natural ingredients that revive and soothe tired and achy feet. Containing extracts of kawakawa, calendula, self-heal, kanuka and peppermint, it also treats dry and cracked heels.

Koru Kai is a family affair - even the children have their own garden spaces, grow their own herbs, and help with the "potion" making! Natural is best and our Holmes Bay Valley herbal experts are bringing the best to you for your health and wellbeing. Try for yourself and see the difference it makes when herbs are NZ grown, potent and fresh and not imported from all over the world!

Thanks for sharing with our runners team!

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