Sponsor Shout Out - Te Pohue Farm Stays Trails

We run out at Godley Heads frequently. The run around from Taylors Mistake and up along the ridge-line past the gun emplacements and artillery spotter sites to the various trig points takes in some amazing scenery and WWII history as well. And frequently I would be standing on a vantage point looking across the other side of the inlet thinking "that other head - wouldn't it be great to run that too". Adderley Head might be DOC land but it was "locked up" - inaccessible behind private land . . . Our introduction to Sam and Peter at Te Pohue Farm Stay Trails was a brochure in the local cafe. Funny how that word "trails" seems to allow you to see things you otherwise might not have! And we noti

Sponsor Shout Out - Em's Power Cookies

Em's is known by the savvy outdoor adventurists . . . Born out of the Speights Coast to Coast, Em's bars and power cookies can be seen at many events - and also at Krayzie K's! Here at Krayzie Kapers we have used Em's bars and Original Sports Cookies ourselves for years to fuel our adventures. The use of natural ingredients and the love that goes into them make them one of our favourite running snacks and for when we're caught short while out and about - so Em's was a logical choice for us when we were choosing event partners and sponsors. Em's Power Cookies and bars are energy snacks that actually taste good! Made with wholesome natural ingredients, created by "Powergirl" Nutritionist Em M

Sponsor Shout Out - Asics

Over the last handful of years I have logged many happy kilometres in Asics trail shoes so I was particularly happy when Asics said "yes" to our request for them to support our wee race. There are a couple of different trail shoes in the Asics range but personally I am a fan of the Fuji Trabuco. Since my podiatrist told me I had the worst pronation she had seen and steered me towards shoes with the maximum support for pronation, the Trabuco was the only one that felt right on me. As a result. these are also the only shoes I have had where I felt confident enough in them to wear a brand new, unworn pair in a race - and not just any race - my first 100 miler! Everyone will tell you that when y

Sponsor Shout Out - Lincoln New World

When we selected partners we wanted to work with for this event, we tried to be selective and choose those with similar values to ours, so when considering who might be able to help us it didn't take us long to get to the subject of FOOD and straight away the Lincoln New World came to mind! When you first arrive at the car park of New World in Lincoln, one of the first things you'll notice is a couple of windmills churning away making power for the site. You might then see their Electric Vehicle and the charging point they have available for all customers with EV's. And if you are observant and parked in the right place you might see some boxes and pallets against the fence by a "Help Yourse

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