The Not-the-Northburn-Miler Miler

Thursday night. Northburn minus 30 hours. Madly packing for the drive down tomorrow. Ping A message. It's from Tanya – an awesome young lady who's aiming to be one of the first women to complete the Southern Seasons Miler Challenge. Northburn is race 4 – the last in the series for her. She's spent a year training and racing 3 milers to get to this point. She's peaked, primed, pumped – excited as all hell. Or she was... “Terry's cancelled!” F a a a a a a a a a r r r k k ! ! ! ! The global pandemic tightens its noose on us and YANK, pulls all our feet out from under. Terry was going to allow runners to do a loop of the race as course clearing – but as a “pack” to avoid anyone getting lost. For

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