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Sponsor Shout Out ~ Christchurch Attractions

Well we all know that Christchurch is an awesome place to live - or visit if you're not lucky enough to live here! It's ideally suited as a central base to explore NZ's better island, and it has plenty going for it in it's own right. Trail runners will know of the amazing running to be had in/over Christchurch's Port Hills but there's so much more on offer too, and Christchurch Attractions can help you see them.

For Krayzie K's we were lucky enough to have Christchurch Attractions provide all finishers with discount vouchers for Christchurch's major attractions, as well some awesome prizes of passes for iconic Christchurch experiences such as riding the Trams, Punting on the Avon, guided tours through the Botanic Gardens, and a ride up to the crest of the Port Hills on the Gondola. And for Totara Trails, they're prepared to do it all again!

So dust off your exploring shoes, there's urban adventuring to be done!

Thanks Bridgitte and the whole Christchurch Attractions team!

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