Sponsor Shout Out ~ Further Faster

"From small acorns come giant oaks" . . . Further Faster is not a giant Kathmandu, Torpedo 7, or Bivouac Outdoor Sports - it's a home grown, owner operated, outdoor equipment store with attitude! Dan, Rocky and Julz are the names behind the store and you can see them there or at the events they support. From the States to NZ, Rocky the mountain gear man and Dan the paddler were lured to New Zealand by their respective ladies, "fell together", and then teamed up as Further Faster - the outdoor gear shop with a difference. Passionate about the gear they sell, they stock some of the less common outdoor wear and equipment brands: Montane, Aarn Packs, Ultimate Direction, Ruffwear, Mountain Paws,

Sponsor Shout Out ~ Em's

When we were organising Krayzie K's 2017, we made this blog about Em's Power Cookies and Bars. We love Em's, (and Em!) and we're absolutely stoked to have her and her bars and cookies back as rewards for Totara Trails. All natural and great tasting, these low GI bars and cookies are the slow release fuel you need to keep going and going and going (like up that ridge on the Totara Trails 45km!), Em's Power Cookies and bars - reward yourself today and get them! https://powercookies.com/ Facebook Thanks Emily for continuing to be part of the Krayzie Kapers world!

Sponsor Shout Out ~ Christchurch Attractions

Well we all know that Christchurch is an awesome place to live - or visit if you're not lucky enough to live here! It's ideally suited as a central base to explore NZ's better island, and it has plenty going for it in it's own right. Trail runners will know of the amazing running to be had in/over Christchurch's Port Hills but there's so much more on offer too, and Christchurch Attractions can help you see them. For Krayzie K's we were lucky enough to have Christchurch Attractions provide all finishers with discount vouchers for Christchurch's major attractions, as well some awesome prizes of passes for iconic Christchurch experiences such as riding the Trams, Punting on the Avon, guided tou

Sponsor Shout Out ~ Twin Gullies

We know that while luxury is nice for a treat, sometimes you just want to stay somewhere warm, cosy and located centrally for what you are doing. So what better for a trail running, peninsula exploring, adventurer than this charmer located in Duvauchelle/Barry's Bay. Nestled in five acres of gardens, paddocks, and woodland, Twin Gullies offers relaxation for the body and soul. With its spectacular views of Akaroa Harbour and Onawe Peninsula you will feel like you have been transported to paradise. And the location is about as central as you can get for exploring Banks Peninsula - located at the "top" of the Akaroa harbour it is a short trip to Akaroa, Wainui or French Farm, or indeed the sta

Sponsor Shout Out ~ Injinji

Trail Runners need to look after their feet - they're the business end of what we do after all. We hear many many discussions about the best shoe but less frequently about socks. Well, we reckon that trail runners deserve socks that fit like a glove. Trail runners deserve Injinji. Just the other day someone noticed Steph's footwear and exclaimed "What on earth do you do for socks?!". She was wearing her Five Fingers so a normal sock wouldn't allow the toes to fit in the individualised toe box. But that's no problem as she's been wearing Injinji toe socks for years and years. It's not just for use with shoes like the Five Fingers either - the benefits of the injinji toe-sock works with any sh

Sponsor Shout Out ~ Koru Kai

The power of plants . . . From the earliest of times, man's medicine came from around us - the wise medicine man or woman knew which plants to use alone or in combination, to prevent ailments and assist healing. In today's modern world where "science" and pharmaceutical medicine are king, these natural remedies have largely been forgotten and/or poo-pooed, but luckily for the world, they are making a comeback. And luckily for you, one of our neighbours has made it their business and is sharing some of their expertise and products with all our Totara Trails finishers! Koru Kai create natural herbal goodness for day to day health. Everything is grown organically on Banks Peninsula and made usi

Sponsor Shout Out ~ Te Wepu Retreat

Across the other side of the harbour from Akaroa in historic French Farm lies another one of the peninsula's unique places. Te Wepu was founded in 1843 and has been farmed ever since by a succession of New Zealanders with varied backgrounds. Today, Te Wepu is a working cattle farm, with plans in place for an avocado orchard! However what makes Te Wepu even more special, is some unique private cabins fitted with modern luxuries including wifi and personal hot tub! At Te Wepu, hosts Richie and Kate have created an experience that’s sure to hit the spot with trail runners; a secluded spot, a little bit of adventure and a decent dose of luxury. As a base to explore the peninsula from, you'd be h

Sponsor Shout Out ~ Pohatu Penguins

We love the wild places that can be found on the peninsula. We love adventuring in wild places, and we imagine that if you're here, then you do too. So, how do you think you'd feel about exploring one of the peninsula's special areas by kayak? The outer coast of Pohatu Marine Reserve just outside Akaroa is spectacular with towering sea cliffs sculpted through the ages by the sea into rock stacks, reefs, and deep sea caves. And the Pohatu Marine Reserve features divers wildlife with many marine species such as Penguins, several seal colonies and is often visited by Hectors Dolphins and a great range of sea bird species. Thanks to the good people at Pohatu Penguins and Plunge, we are able to g

Sponsor Shout Out ~ thir

When I started trail running more seriously (i.e. all the time in all sorts of weather!) I slowly realised there was a gap in clothing options for various weather conditions. And then I discovered thir and the problem disappeared! At Krayzie Kapers we use thir bands all the time. They have virtually completely replaced the wearing of hats/beanies and balaclava's are no more, we use them around our wrists for wiping sweat off, and as neck warmers they add a surprising amount of warmth to the whole upper body on extra cold days. There is almost no run we don't have a thir on or with us. We love them! So we were super excited when they tracked us down wanting to be part of our inaugural Krayzie

Sponsor Shout Out ~ Pure Pods

Picture yourself lying in bed. Above you through the glass ceiling you can see the night sky ablaze with the stars of the Milky Way, below you through the glass floor you can see the ferns and tussocks, while around you through the glass walls you see just how private you are nestled far from the maddening crowd in native NZ bush. Private, serene. This is nature at it's finest. This is Pure Pods. The PurePods concept comes from a deep love for nature combined with a desire to share that love in a way that is memorable for you – an intensely personal deep immersion into Pure New Zealand. All over this spectacular country are private, secret pockets of amazing beauty filled with unique plants,

Sponsor Shout Out ~ Black Cat Cruises

One of the things we wanted to do with the Krayzie K's race was to provide suitable rewards for the challenge that each competitor sets for themselves. We wanted to provide some experience based rewards that were exciting, fun, and makes a connection to a more sustainable, eco-friendly world. Luckily for us, and for you(!), the amazing people at Black Cat Cruises came on board and very generously provided us with some awesome prizes. Black Cat Cruises operate the Lyttelton to Diamond Harbour ferry, the Quail Island ferry, and several different nature watch cruises out of Akaroa. The trip prizes they provided us were very well received at Krayzie K's so when it came time for Totara Trails of

Sponsor Shout Out ~ BirdSong Lodge

Set high above Little River overlooking a stunning valley filled with native bush and large forest trees you will be immersed in the private and peaceful tranquility of this magical lodge. Awakened in the morning by the sound of birdsong and the tinkling of the stream below you, this is truly a magical slice of paradise and one of Banks Peninsulas hidden treasures. People rave about this place and we are so delighted to be able to offer some lucky winner a couple of nights stay here luxuriating in off grid laziness or krayziness ... whichever suits your style! If you simply can't wait until race day then pop along to their website and check them out or send them an email. You may even be ab

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