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Entry Details

We have set up a staged payment system due to the uncertainty surrounding CV19

          ~ An initial Pre-Entry fee is required to secure a place in the inaugural KMBU.  

          ~ From 1st May 2022 those who have pre-entered will be able to transfer their entry to a full entry and                  finalise their spot.  

          ~ From 16th May 2022 any remaining spots not pre-entered and fully paid will be available at the Late                      Entry rate.

         ~ Limited to 100 entries.

Pre-Entry   ...   $20

From 27 December '21 to 31 April '22

Transfer to Full Entry   ...   $100 

(Total $120) 

From 1 May - 15 May '22

Late Entry   ...   $140

From 16 May - 17 June '22 if maximum of 100 not reached.

This will take you to the Event Plus entry page.
Only the Pre Entry category is open until 31 April 2022
From the 1st May - 15th May you can transfer your Pre-Entry to a Full Entry
From 16th May you will only have the option to enter the Late Entry category
In the event we have to cancel due to CV19 all entries will be transferred to 2023.