The Southern Seasons Challenge Series

proudly presented by

Northburn 100

Great Naseby Water Race


Old Forest Hanmer

Krayzie K's

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**Complete all four races of any one distance in a 12 month period

and become a

Southern Seasons Challenge Trophy holder

and have your name forever inscribed on the

Southern Seasons Wall of Fame.

**Complete for the trophy and accomplishment or

Chase the FKT (fastest known time)

The choice is yours

As is the satisfaction of a dream well executed!

** Inspired  ~  Courageous  ~  Relentless**

Thir Southern Seasons Miler Challenge

Complete all 4 milers in a 12 month period to claim this trophy.  You may undertake the 200km at Naseby and your miler time will be attributed towards the miler challenge.                Proudly sponsored by THIR - that's how I roll

Gateway Southern Seasons 100k Challenge

Complete all four 100k'ers in a 12 month period to claim this trophy.  

Southern Seasons 50k Challenge

Complete all four 50k'ers in a 12 month period to claim this trophy.  

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