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When I started trail running more seriously (i.e. all the time in all sorts of weather!) I slowly realised there was a gap in clothing options for various weather conditions. And then I discovered thir and the problem disappeared!

At Krayzie Kapers we use thir bands all the time. They have virtually completely replaced the wearing of hats/beanies and balaclava's are no more, we use them around our wrists for wiping sweat off, and as neck warmers they add a surprising amount of warmth to the whole upper body on extra cold days. There is almost no run we don't have a thir on or with us. We love them!

So we were super excited when they tracked us down wanting to be part of our inaugural Krayzie K's event!

Everyone who was at Krayzie K's should remember thir - from the cube in the aid/camping loop to the giant start/finish arch to the indefatigable Virginia taking laps with some of the milers and offering encouragement to the competitors, thir stood out. So it was a no-brainer for Totara Trails to invite them back. Come along to the race to find out why!

They are a little bit Krayzie themselves - see how long it takes you to figure out what "thir" stands for.

Welcome (back) to the krayzieness Angus & Virginia!

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