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Sponsor Shout Out ~ BirdSong Lodge

Set high above Little River overlooking a stunning valley filled with native bush and large forest trees you will be immersed in the private and peaceful tranquility of this magical lodge.

Awakened in the morning by the sound of birdsong and the tinkling of the stream below you, this is truly a magical slice of paradise and one of Banks Peninsulas hidden treasures.

People rave about this place and we are so delighted to be able to offer some lucky winner a couple of nights stay here luxuriating in off grid laziness or krayziness ... whichever suits your style!

If you simply can't wait until race day then pop along to their website and check them out or send them an email. You may even be able to score a bed on race night.

Thanks to Tanya for sponsoring this amazing prize ... I know whoever wins it is going to be so delighted they did!


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