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Sponsor Shout Out ~ Injinji

Trail Runners need to look after their feet - they're the business end of what we do after all. We hear many many discussions about the best shoe but less frequently about socks. Well, we reckon that trail runners deserve socks that fit like a glove. Trail runners deserve Injinji.

Just the other day someone noticed Steph's footwear and exclaimed "What on earth do you do for socks?!". She was wearing her Five Fingers so a normal sock wouldn't allow the toes to fit in the individualised toe box. But that's no problem as she's been wearing Injinji toe socks for years and years. It's not just for use with shoes like the Five Fingers either - the benefits of the injinji toe-sock works with any shoe (or no shoe!). Socks that fit like a glove do not allow the toes to rub together so inter-toe chafing and blisters are pretty much a thing of the past with Injinji.

Their design allows your toes to be separated, thus supporting proper alignment and toe splay. This distributes your weight evenly on your foot, keeping it fully engaged in any athletic activity. They are moisture wicking and by drawing moisture away from around each toe fully provides superior blister protection. And of course they come in a variety of colours, sizes and style options. They are truly an awesome product!

You don't have to wait for a chance to win a pair at Totara Trails - Injinji can be bought in many specialty shoe or outdoor stores and are distributed in NZ by Outwear. If you haven't tried them out yet you should give Marco at Outwear a holler! You won't regret it.

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