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Sponsor Shout Out ~ Pohatu Penguins

We love the wild places that can be found on the peninsula.

We love adventuring in wild places, and we imagine that if you're here, then you do too.

So, how do you think you'd feel about exploring one of the peninsula's special areas by kayak?

The outer coast of Pohatu Marine Reserve just outside Akaroa is spectacular with towering sea cliffs sculpted through the ages by the sea into rock stacks, reefs, and deep sea caves. And the Pohatu Marine Reserve features divers wildlife with many marine species such as Penguins, several seal colonies and is often visited by Hectors Dolphins and a great range of sea bird species.

Thanks to the good people at Pohatu Penguins and Plunge, we are able to give one of our lucky race entrants and their friend, an unforgettable adventure exploring the peninsula's "Wild Side" by sea kayak.

Thanks Pohatu Penguins!

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