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Sponsor Shout Out ~ Pure Pods

Picture yourself lying in bed. Above you through the glass ceiling you can see the night sky ablaze with the stars of the Milky Way, below you through the glass floor you can see the ferns and tussocks, while around you through the glass walls you see just how private you are nestled far from the maddening crowd in native NZ bush. Private, serene. This is nature at it's finest. This is Pure Pods.

The PurePods concept comes from a deep love for nature combined with a desire to share that love in a way that is memorable for you – an intensely personal deep immersion into Pure New Zealand. All over this spectacular country are private, secret pockets of amazing beauty filled with unique plants, birds and animals. To stay in a PurePod is to totally engage all five senses experiencing this beauty.

Environmentally friendly, the pods go further than simply using glass for roofing, flooring and walls. It involves using sustainable energy (solar and bio-fuel), minimising the use of non-renewable energy sources, using local water and returning the water to the local area just as clean as it came to us. Rainwater that falls on the roof is returned under the floor to water the native plants. Waste is cleaned naturally, and eco-friendly cleaners are used exclusively.

For us the Banks Peninsula is a special place. We want to make sure as many people as possible discover this specialness and our races and adventures try to capture this. When we were thinking of showcasing the peninsula for Totara Trails, we tried to think of special and unique places for our competitors to stay at while exploring the peninsula. And we thought of Pure Pods. With two secret peninsula locations to choose from (near Little River and Port Levy), these pockets of luxury are a trail lovers dream come true!

But the prize they have donated to us is not limited to the Peninsula locations - you can select from any of their stunning, wild, and private locations (currently near Kaikoura x2, Waipara, Little River & Port Levy)!

Relax in the modern comfort of a unique "glass cabin" while exploring the wild delights of the region. It will be an experience you will not forget in a hurry!

Check them out:

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