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Sponsor Shout Out ~ Black Cat Cruises

One of the things we wanted to do with the Krayzie K's race was to provide suitable rewards for the challenge that each competitor sets for themselves. We wanted to provide some experience based rewards that were exciting, fun, and makes a connection to a more sustainable, eco-friendly world. Luckily for us, and for you(!), the amazing people at Black Cat Cruises came on board and very generously provided us with some awesome prizes. Black Cat Cruises operate the Lyttelton to Diamond Harbour ferry, the Quail Island ferry, and several different nature watch cruises out of Akaroa. The trip prizes they provided us were very well received at Krayzie K's so when it came time for Totara Trails of course we asked again and are thrilled that they came back on board to offer our competitors a chance at winning one of two double tickets to the super awesome Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruises.

Akaroa Harbour is an amazing place and the cruise out to the heads surrounded by dolphins and other wildlife is a truly memorable experience. Plus for a trail runner, sitting on the boat looking at the rugged hillsides and ridgelines while planning out future adventures is food for the soul ! Win this prize, and you will certainly be up for an experience - it really showcases the Banks Peninsula very well.

And as for their other operations - the Quail Island ferry is a great day trip for trail runners and their families. Head over in the morning and spend the day running (or walking!) around/over the island exploring the fascinating historic points of interest that link the island with immigrants, farmers, quarriers, criminals, lepers, shipwreckers, and the frozen continent of Antarctica.

Or, take the ferry to Diamond Harbour and spend the day exploring the various tracks around there. we suggest you take the track up to Mt Herbert and come back via Orton Bradley Park and the Coastal Path to remind yourself why you'll be signing up for Krayzie K's in November!

Black Cat Cruises are a great addition to Totara Trails. Check them out at and @BlackCatCruises on Facebook

Thanks Mark, Natasha, Pip, and all the team at Black Cat Cruises!

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