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Sponsor Shout Out - Te Pohue Farm Stays Trails

We run out at Godley Heads frequently. The run around from Taylors Mistake and up along the ridge-line past the gun emplacements and artillery spotter sites to the various trig points takes in some amazing scenery and WWII history as well. And frequently I would be standing on a vantage point looking across the other side of the inlet thinking "that other head - wouldn't it be great to run that too". Adderley Head might be DOC land but it was "locked up" - inaccessible behind private land . . .

Our introduction to Sam and Peter at Te Pohue Farm Stay Trails was a brochure in the local cafe. Funny how that word "trails" seems to allow you to see things you otherwise might not have! And we noticed their 310 Ha working farm land adjoined Adderley Head. And they ran a Bed & Breakfast Farm Stay with two accommodation options, farm ATV rides, Horse trekking, Mountain Biking, and Farm Trails. We were interested! And so we dropped them a note asking if they were interested in supporting our race. An interesting conversation ensued which you will hear more about later(!), but suffice to say that they came on board straight away with a couple of accommodation prizes for the race.

The Homestead prize includes an overnight stay with dinner and breakfast for up to 4 guests at the main house at the end of the road from Purau (just around from Diamond Harbour). It's a great prize and allows trail runners access to an amazing weekend of private farm trails and the nearby trails around Diamond Harbour, Monument Track from the Port Levy road, Mt Herbert track and Orton Bradley Park, as well as the other (non-running) local attractions - you could just relax in the bush or on the beach!

The other prize includes a weekend stay at the Little Port Cooper School House for up to 4 guests. While this might be a little more rustic than the Homestead, we think it's liable to be trail runner heaven - with the option of a 5 km run to get in to the place and then access to Adderley Head and the rest of the farm from there, as well as the other local options as for the Homestead, we think it will be another "adventure to remember". And the private beach is much sought after...

And if you don't win one of these prizes, you can always book your next weekend away there directly. You haven't heard the last of this wee Banks Peninsula gem! Scoot across to their Facebook page (@tepohuefarmstaytrails) or contact us for more details. It'll be awesome!

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