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Sponsor Shout Out - Em's Power Cookies

Em's is known by the savvy outdoor adventurists . . . Born out of the Speights Coast to Coast, Em's bars and power cookies can be seen at many events - and also at Krayzie K's!

Here at Krayzie Kapers we have used Em's bars and Original Sports Cookies ourselves for years to fuel our adventures. The use of natural ingredients and the love that goes into them make them one of our favourite running snacks and for when we're caught short while out and about - so Em's was a logical choice for us when we were choosing event partners and sponsors.

Em's Power Cookies and bars are energy snacks that actually taste good! Made with wholesome natural ingredients, created by "Powergirl" Nutritionist Em Miazga on the Wild West Coast. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, Emily started making yummy cookies at age 14. We love the fact that she has always been a plant-based carbohydrate proponent and she brings that background to her work (the Cranberry bar is gluten free).

Her interest in Nutrition and sport led her to university in the USA where she ran collegiate track and cross-country and earned her Master’s degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. After practicing as a Registered Dietitian in Oregon for 4 years, she left her job to travel in 2002. She stumbled into adventure racing whilst travelling which ultimately led her to NZ for the great Coast to Coast in 2004. She decided to stay in NZ and shortly after started Em’s Power Cookies.

Borne out of her passion for yummy energy food, creating Em’s Power Cookies for everyone to enjoy was the logical thing to do!

And borne out of our love for healthy nutritious food, you get to sample Em's when you take part in Krayzie K's 2017. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Thanks for sharing the love Em!

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