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Sponsor Shout Out - Asics

Over the last handful of years I have logged many happy kilometres in Asics trail shoes so I was particularly happy when Asics said "yes" to our request for them to support our wee race.

There are a couple of different trail shoes in the Asics range but personally I am a fan of the Fuji Trabuco. Since my podiatrist told me I had the worst pronation she had seen and steered me towards shoes with the maximum support for pronation, the Trabuco was the only one that felt right on me. As a result. these are also the only shoes I have had where I felt confident enough in them to wear a brand new, unworn pair in a race - and not just any race - my first 100 miler!

Everyone will tell you that when you buy a brand new pair of shoes you need to "ease them in" with a few gentle, short runs first unless you want blisters or worse. But when I figured I had run my previous pair into the ground training for the miler and ran out of time to buy a replacement pair in time to ease them in, I was confident enough in the fit of this shoe that my time in the shoe before the race was limited to the few minutes of trying them on in the store! And the result - I had zero problems during the race from the shoe.

So who will it be?

Thanks to the generosity of Asics NZ, we have vouchers for 4 pairs of Asics Trail Running shoes to give away on race day. Four lucky krayzie racers will take home new trail shoes! Will you be one of them??? If you haven't entered yet, you've got to be in to win - luckily for you we're still taking late entries.

So be in!

Thanks Asics!!

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