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Sponsor Shout Out - Lincoln New World

When we selected partners we wanted to work with for this event, we tried to be selective and choose those with similar values to ours, so when considering who might be able to help us it didn't take us long to get to the subject of FOOD and straight away the Lincoln New World came to mind!

When you first arrive at the car park of New World in Lincoln, one of the first things you'll notice is a couple of windmills churning away making power for the site. You might then see their Electric Vehicle and the charging point they have available for all customers with EV's. And if you are observant and parked in the right place you might see some boxes and pallets against the fence by a "Help Yourself" notice - reusing resources is a favourite of mine! And then you might find out that they are also on the move towards no plastic bags, and the products they stock is augmented by customer requested items . . .

There is a lot to like about this supermarket, which for arguably such a little town, is showing it's big city counterparts what is possible. It was very pleasing to us to see the commitment to the environment and the community displayed by Helen and Kyle (the owners), and so they were our first choice of partner to approach to help us with providing the food that you are going to enjoy while chugging around our wee course. Luckily when we asked, they said yes!

And we are hugely appreciative of their support, and whether you are a local or a visitor, we urge you all to try them out - opposite the Challenge petrol station at the university end of Lincoln township.

Thanks Helen and Kyle!

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