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The Course - The first 6k's

Totara Trails start line is next to the Woolshed on Holmes Bay Valley Road.  All distances start & finish in the same place. Once you cross the start line you immediately begin climbing along a farm track ... you follow this track as it climbs and descends it's way around towards the point ... opening up magnificent views of Pigeon Bay.  The track zig zags it's way up towards the ridgeline ... roughly 230 metres of climbing in 2.5kms. 
You then follow the fence-line as the climb becomes more gentle ... we've added a little krayzie diversion over a lump to our own little marker at 345m  and then you continue a more gentle run along the ridgeline before the next challenging climb ... a clamber up some rocks to the first trig marker ... "Krayzie Point" at 541m.   You continue along this rocky plateau before a brief technical descent down the rock face, across a gully and then up onto the next plateau. 
It's along here you meet the Totara tree that inspired this race, standing proud a tad short of the 6km mark, nearly 600m above sea level. You get some gentle relief with a little downhill run through the first of the Totara graveyards before you reach the point where the 10kers peel off for the downhill run home ... a delightful zig-zag down to the valley floor and then a 2km run down the center of the valley to the finish line.
Onwards & Upwards - 25km & 45km
For the 25 & 45kers it's time to climb the fence and buckle in as you enjoy a wee reprieve from climbing before the final push up to the first peak at 841 meters ... you travel along a farm track then follow a fence-line before crossing a stile and making your way thru a narrow track in dense native bush filled with BellBirds and magnificent Totara and ferns.  Once clear of the bush you have a gnarly wee climb up to the track and then onto the summit to bag the trig.  It's then a wee adventure back to the track followed by a magnificent run along the saddle, before the climb up to bag the second peak at 826 meters.
You'll do a wee loop to return you to the ridge-line and then it's a mostly downhill run along the ridge and through a most spectacular Totara graveyard before joining a farm track and continuing the downhill journey. 
Those doing the marathon will split off approximately 13km in and descend sharply into the adjoining valley below, where you will enjoy a run most of the way down to the valley floor before crossing the road and beginning your second major climb of the day.  This will be sure to test the hardiest of trail runners as you make your way up to the ridge.  Be sure to take in the spectacular views fore and aft.  You will pass the aid station for the first time at approximately 27kms, where you will have your number recorded for safety reasons.
Once through the aid station you will meander up and down along the valley before a short sharp steep little clamber up to the ridgeline where you will rejoin the 25km course a little further down the ridge from where you left it.
From here everyone enjoys a cruisey downhill run along farm tracks to the aid station at the saddle.  This is the 16km mark for the 25kers & the 33km mark for the 45kers.  This is the only aid station for the 25km runners where you can replenish your water supplies and have a nibble and of course get your number recorded for safety reasons.  From here you skirt around a rock outcrop and then a steep wee downhill before hooking onto some farm track and sidling along the valley wall ... the climbing isn't over yet and if you haven't already you'll be bound to be cursing The Krayzie Krew about now.
As you head back up the valley you will find yourself amidst native bush before dropping down deep into the valley for the last time, crossing some streams on your downhill journey before finally meeting the valley floor and the 2km dash to the finish line.
Just a touch of krayzie!
The NItty Gritty

Aid Station - there is one aid station located at the 16km mark for the 25km runners and at 27 & 33kms for the marathon runners.  This will have a selection of food items along with fresh water and possibly Pure Electrolyte drink (TBC).  It is important that you make sure your number is recorded at this point (twice for the 45km runners).  This will be relayed to the finish line so we know where you are.  You must carry plenty of food and drink to get you to these points.  There are no streams on the 25km course until you reach the bottom of the valley and the first streams in the marathon are not until you get to approx 20kms.  All streams on course go through areas of stock so you drink at your own risk.


Camping facilities - there is a camp ground at Pigeon Bay with basic toilet facilities.  You must book through the Pigeon Bay campground.  We will endeavour to get the names of local B&Bs etc onto the website for you. 

Compulsory Gear - all runners must carry the following compulsory gear.  The weather is subject to change and can be very different from one part of the course to the other.  Gear checks will be carried out at registration and we will operate on a "no gear, no start" basis.  Spot checks will be carried out at the aid station.  Anyone not carrying their pack will be DQ'd.

     ~ Thermal Top & Bottom (long sleeved & legged)

     ~ Seam Sealed Waterproof jacket

     ~ Thermal Beanie or Thir & Thermal gloves

     ~ Whistle

     ~ Basic First Aid Kit with crepe bandage, strapping tape, plasters, survival blanket or bag & any personal medication.

     ~ Back Pack with enough food and water to last the duration of the event

     ~ Map of the course - this will be emailed one week prior to the event to all entrants.  You will need to print this and carry it with you

        while on course. 

Race Waiver & Rules - please familiarise yourself with these.  They form part of your acceptance of entry and are a crucial part of the safety management plan during the event.  You will find these on the "Yes, I'm Krayzie Enough" pages.  This must be printed out, signed and handed in at race registration.

Parking - is lousy ... please carpool if possible! We will work on getting this improved tween now and then.  Currently parking is along Holmes Bay Valley Road and is very limited.  We will advise in future emails as we progress this.

Private Farmland - 95% of this course is on private farmland.  The local farmers have been very generous in allowing us access to their land - without their express permission this event would not be possible.  Please DO NOT, under any circumstances, venture onto the course at any time other than as an entrant in this event.  To do so will put the whole event, now or in the future into jeopardy.

Dogs - These are working farms and privately owned.  There is a NO DOG policy ... this includes in vehicles.  Please leave your dog at home.  If you are found with a dog you will be asked to leave.

Cell phone coverage - There is no coverage in the valley.  There is intermittent coverage along the ridge-lines and on the peaks.

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