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A Backyard Ultra is a form of ultramarathon race where competitors must consecutively run the distance of 6.706kms in less than one hour.  When each lap is completed, the remaining time within the hour is used to recover and replenish for the next hours race.  The race finishes when one person completes one more lap than anyone else.  

We run the backyard for many reasons.
We run because it's fun.
We run to socialise with our friends - old & new.
We run to go further than we have ever gone before ...

29th June 2024

Spencer Park

100 Heyders Rd



Start: 7:30am

6.706 km laps

20-40m vert

per lap

Sarah Coxon first lap 8am.jpg
Conor Keena leading the train mid afternoon day 1  (1).jpg

Photo: Brad Spiers

Photo: Brad Spiers

The Rules

             ~   Each loop starts exactly 1 hour after the last one started  ... ie: 0830am, 0930am,1030am etc .

             ~  There will be a warning whistle at 3 minutes, 2 minutes & 1 minute prior to start each hour.

             ~   If you are not in the starting corral when the bell goes you do not get to start.  No late starts.  No                                         exceptions.

             ~  Except for toilet stops runners may not leave the course until each lap is completed.  There are flushing                            toilets in the event village next to the start/finish line and 50m from the start that you run past each lap.                       No toileting out on course or you risk DQ.

            ~   No non-competitors on the course including eliminated runners.   The tracks are open to the general public                     including other runners and mountain bikers, please be courteous but accept no assistance.

            ~   No personal aid during a lap.  Aid is only allowed in the event village during the time you have remaining                             after you have completed a lap and before the start whistle goes for the next lap.

            ~   Each lap must be completed within the hour to be counted, including the final lap.

            ~   No artificial aids including poles.

            ~   Slower runners must allow faster runners to pass.  Faster runners must give slower runners time to make                     room for them to pass.  No pushing, shoving or elbowing etc.

            ~   This is a self supported event in that you must provide all your own food and fluid requirements.  We will not                   be providing an aid station although we will have extra water on hand. 

            ~   The winner is the last person to complete a loop.

            ~   Everyone else is a DNF.

            ~   If no one manages to complete a final loop on their own then there is no winner.

            ~   You must report to the timing team when you decide you cannot go on.

            ~   The winner is automatically eligible for the World Team Championship satellite event in October 2024. 

            ~   The other 14 places are made up of the respective winners of Pig's Backyard Ultra in Dunedin in January &                     The Riverhead Backyard Relaps  Ultra in April and then the 12 runners who achieved the most laps of all                            affiliated
 New Zealand Backyard events during the qualification period. 


Compulsory Gear 

Due to the lap nature of the event you do not need to carry compulsory gear with you but you must have the following gear at your aid area in the event village:
~ thermal tops and leggings
~ seam sealed jacket
~ spare socks
~ thermal beanie
~ thermal gloves
~ blankets
~ towel
~ lots of dry clothes and extra layers for keeping warm between laps

Event Village

           Each entrant will be allocated a 3m X 4m space to erect an aid station gazebo for themselves close to the                    start finish line.  This is issued on a first come, first served basis.  We will not reserve sites for anyone so                    please do not ask.

           There will be space for those who have a camper and wish for a powered site but this will be further away                  from the start/finish area so it is advisable to have an area closer to the action for your food and fluid                        requirements.   You may be able to share a gazebo site with someone else.

            For those wishing to stay the night before the event or for support crew during there are cabins and huts                  available in the camp ground that you can book directly with the park.  

             We have the lodge with heating and power for supporters to hang out in between laps.  There will be                             hot water available.   There will be a place for gadgets to be charged. 

             There are flushing toilets and hot showers, washing machines and clothes dryers on site.  Washing                                 machines & dryers are $4 per usage ... you will need gold coins for these.

             Absolutely no support crew or spectators on course at any time.



The Big Question is

Are You Krayzie Enough?

View of start and village .jpg

Photo: Brad Spiers

           We are always on the lookout for more volunteers to help over the weekend and to help with set up &                            packing it all away afterwards.

           If you want to be a part of this amazing event but you can't run then become a much valued volunteer.

           Simply email Steph at and advise your availability and skills.



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