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Krayzie K's 2021

Entries Open One Day Soon

Entry Fees

 1st March - 30 September        1 October - 31 October

100 miles (161km)     ...   $200                      $220

100km                           ...   $160                      $180

50km                             ...   $140                      $160

25km                              ...   $ 70                        $90

12.5km                           ...   $ 45                        $55

6km                                ...   $ 35                        $45

6km - Under 16            ...   $ 30                        $35

Once you've decided on your own particular level of Krayziness then please click through to the entry page and make your selection.  Please be sure to familiarise yourself with the Race Waiver page and be ready to sign agreement at registration.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for any updates and news.

While you are there grab yourself a unique Krayzie Kapers thir.  These are so incredibly versatile.  Perfect for those long or short runs no matter what the weather is doing ~ keeps your head or neck warm in the cold and great soaked in water to cool you down when the temperatures are krayzie hot.  Just click on the buy button when you process your entry and it'll be there at registration for you to pick up and enjoy!                                                                                  Only a krayzie $25 each

How To Enter

Details Soon

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