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The Course

The course starts at Base Camp and consists of two loops that form a single lap ... the first loop is 6.9kms and has an altitude gain of 320m.  It consists of a mixture of open 4wd grass tracks and single track.  The end of the first loop passes back through Base Camp and the aid station before heading out onto your second loop which is 5.9kms long with an altitude gain of 260m. This loop is mainly single track through native bush with some shorter sections of open farm track and a couple of stream crossings to keep it interesting.
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The Distances
260m Climbing
1/2 Lap = 2nd loop only
For those new to trail running or returning after a break ... the ultimate in an introductory trail race.  Achieveable distance with a mixture of easy single track, a thigh numbing climb, some cruisy farm track and a delightful downhill on narrow single track with rocks and roots and stream crossings to keep you on your toes ... just a little krayzie!
Open to ages 8 - 100 +
Individual or Parent Child Team 
Course Record ~ 
Slowest Time ~ 
Average Time ~ 
586m Climbing
1 Full lap
Whether this is your first trail event or you are wanting something a little longer than 10kms this distance is sure to challenge you and yet is easily achievable with the right training.  This is the first distance that takes on the first loop ... straight into a gentle climb that gradually gets less and less gentle.  With magnificent views across the valley this is the loop with the most altitude and attitude. At the end of loop one you pass through the aid station for some much needed refreshments before heading out on the 2nd loop as outlined in the 6km. 
Open to ages 13  - 100+  ~   Younger juniors may be considered upon completing the 6km twice  previously and shown their ability.
Course Record ~ 
Slowest Time ~
Average Time ~ 
1170m Climbing
2 laps
The same as the 12.5km event but twice around.  That means you get lots of krayziness as you pass through the aid station 3 times ... a true challenge for those at or stepping up to the half marathon level with a few extra k's thrown in along with some decent altitude.
Open to ages 16 - 100
Course Record ~
Slowest Time ~
Record Time ~  
2340m Climbing
4 laps
The first of the ultras and the only one starting on Saturday.  With an early morning start you'll get to cheer on the milers and
100 k'ers that are still on course as you make your way around 4 times.  With two decent climbs per lap you're going to know you've done an ultra by the time you cross the finish line. 
Open to ages 18 - 100+
Course Record ~
Slowest Time ~ 
Average Time ~ 
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4680m Climbing
8 laps
Starting on Friday at midday this is the one with the most generous cut off time.  You can run half the day Friday, through the night and into Saturday.  8 times around the loops, 8 times up the Gum Grove, 8 times down the flying gully ... it's 100kms you won't forget in a hurry.  You really do have to be a little krayzie to take this one on!   Lights compulsory in the dark hours. 
Ages 18 - 100+

Course Record ~  13:47:00 (Robert Loveridge - 2020)
Slowest Time ~   30:33:37   
Average Time ~  21 hours
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7620m Climbing
13 laps
The Big Krayzie ... it's a toughie but a goodie ...
100 miles of delightful views, krayzie altitude, steps, stiles, and hopefully some amazing star gazing ... 13 times around ... starting Friday morning you have until 8am on Sunday morning to complete the distance ... that's a generous 48 hours for those who may need it.  Lights compulsory from 8pm to 6am. 
Do you have what it takes to complete the Krayzie Miler? 
Ages 18 - 100+

Course Record  ~  24:41:52 (Chris Bisley - 2019)
Slowest Finishing time ~ 47:35:33
Average Time ~  32 hours 
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The NItty Gritty

Aid Station - there is one aid station located at Base Camp ... you will pass through this at the start of Loop one and the end of loop one. Precise location will be advised at race briefing.  There will be a variety of foods available along with fresh water.  There will be some room available in the aid area for setting up your own supplies on a FIFS basis.  There will be an area set aside for those doing the 100 mile and 100km events to set up tents or gazebos.


Camping facilities - 100 milers & 100kers will be able to stay in their tents in the designated area on Thursday night for an early start Friday morning.  We will also have very limited space available for unpowered campervans.  If you have a campervan and require power you will need to book with Orton Bradley Park directly - this will be away from Base Camp.  More details in post entry emails.   We will make available temporary tent space for any 50kers inside Base Camp who want to stay overnight on Friday night. 

Race Briefing - this is compulsory for all entrants and will be held at Base Camp 15 minutes before the start of your event. 

Compulsory Gear - due to the looped nature of the course we do not have a compulsory gear list, but all competitors must have a change of warm clothes available to them at base camp.  Details on the waiver page as outlined below. The weather can change quickly and dramatically in the valley. You do not have to carry your own water but if you envisage a loop taking you longer than 90 minutes we would advise you strongly to do so.  There are no aid stations on course.

Race Waiver & Rules - please familiarise yourself with these.  They form part of your acceptance of entry and are a crucial part of the safety management plan during the event.  You will find these on the "Yes, I'm Krayzie Enough" pages.  You will sign your acknowledgement that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by these when you register on race day.

Showers - there are hot showers available to all competitors post race.  Please bring your own towels and personal items.

Park facilities for supporters and post race -

  • The park Cafe will be open during the day for food and hot drinks, ice creams etc.  This is located 600 metres from Base Camp. 

  • There is a childrens playground within a few hundred metres of the Start/Finish area and a stream for paddling if it is hot.  Children MUST be supervised at all times. 

  • The parks tracks both walking and mountain bike are open at all times during the event.  Please be courteous to other users and give way at all times. 

  • There is a 10.30pm noise restriction on Friday night ... if you are supporting your runners please do so quietly through the dark hours.  There will be other campers present in the park ... please respect their right to a peaceful nights sleep.  We run the risk of the event being shut down if we do not keep our noise levels low during the dark hours and not being invited back next year. 

  • There is an entrance charge to the Park.  This is covered in your entry fee for yourself and your direct support crew but any visitors will be asked to pay this as they enter the park ... this is outside our control.

Park Closure - Orton Bradley Park is closed for lambing and calving during August through to October.  This means all the tracks are closed during this time.  Please respect this. 

Dogs - Orton Bradley Park is a working farm and privately owned.  There is a NO DOG policy ... this includes in vehicles.  Please leave your dog at home.  If you are found with a dog you will be asked to leave.

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