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7th April 2018

Totara Trails

Trail Races

Holmes Bay Valley, Banks Peninsula

Distances:           45kms         -         25kms         -         10kms

Altitude:           2500m         -         1370m         -         600m

7th April 2018

Are you Krayzie Enough?

~ Autumn krayziness amidst the hills & valleys of Banks Peninsula ~

Thigh numbing climbs, magnificent vistas, volcanic rocks, beautiful bays, streams, valleys, mountains, native bush, stark & lush with a downhill finish to round out the day!

Totara Trails

For trail runners who love to explore

Leaving the city behind, you find yourself climbing into and then meandering through the hills of the peninsula, with the magnificent vistas of harbours and bays and valleys and mountains waiting to greet you as you make your way to Holmes Bay Valley - the setting for the inaugural Totara Trails.  The drive alone will set your senses alight!

Where once stood mighty Totaras now lie the trunks that were slain and burnt by those who trod these paths before us ... and in amongst these graves grow remnants of their forebears, reclaiming the land that was once their home.

Here you will clamber up onto ridgelines, with technical scrambles up and down volcanic rocks, running along paths beaten only by the livestock that graze the hills and valleys intermingled with little used farm tracks and some sweet, sweet single track.  You will claim the trigs of two mountains and the markers of other high points along the way.  Thru Totara graveyards and native bush regenerating, with stream crossings and mighty downhills, this event will delight and enthrall you with its leg sapping challenges and majestic beauty. 

With three different distance options, there's something here to embrace the krayzie in trail runners both sprightly or weathered!

The only question that remains is ...

Are you Krayzie Enough?

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