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Welcome to Krayzie Kapers

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                                       At Krayzie Kapers we endeavour to create trail running events and adventures

that stimulate all of your senses ... challenging the body & mind - physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually whilst absorbing you in some of the worlds most magical natural places.

Banks Peninsula in Christchurch, New Zealand is a shining example of an extinct volcano ... actually, two volcanos ... and the majesty they have left behind. It is many millions of years since they last erupted and although the powerful winds and rains from the mighty Pacific have eroded their size dramatically since their days of thunder and lava flows, they still stand tall and proud at the side of the Canterbury Plains. 


With magnificent vistas of harbours & bays, of valleys & ridges, mountains & streams and the ocean that continues to carve these hills and cliffs, there is something here to delight and challenge those new to trail running as well as the most seasoned of trail runners and explorers. 

With all this magic it is little wonder we have chosen to make the Peninsula our home and to want to share this beauty with trail runners from near and far.

Krayzie Kapers delights in bringing you two amazing events that each showcase the diversity and beauty of the Peninsula ... each different in what they offer - one a series of loops around a privately owned park showcasing the regenerating bush and farmland with the krayzieness of returning to basecamp every loop for some inspiration and refuelling ... Krazyie K's is only 20 minutes from Christchurch and has options from 6kms through to 160kms ... Christchurch's first & only 100 mile endurance event, it's truly a day for the whole family. Each entry supports the planting of native trees within the park and in particular Kowhai trees.  The park is intending to create a Kowhai Grove along the trail with plants from Krayzie K's.


Totara Trails is an hour and half from Christchurch in a small valley far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is set almost entirely on private land that can only be accessed by taking part in this event. With 10km, 25km & 45km distances you will climb up onto a ridgeline and skirt the valley amongst the hundreds of fallen Totaras that were felled in the 1800's to make way for stock grazing. In contrast you will witness the beauty of the Totara that have survived and the many that are now regenerating. Depending on what distance you choose you will get to bag between 1 & 6 trig points before descending back down into the valley and a downhill sprint to the finish. With it's krayzie ridgelines and mighty climbs this one definitely won't be a run in the park! As our way of supporting the regeneration of the mighty Totara, a Totara Tree will be planted along the trail for each entry received - these will be planted in the autumn. We have a lofty goal of 1000 trees in 5 years.

So if you're krayzie enough, then simply click on the images below for full details of each event including how to enter or check out the tabs along the top of the page. If that's not enough info then please head to the contacts page and send us a message or ask on our Facebook page.

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