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The Nitty Gritty

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Aid Station - this is a fully self supported event.  There are no aid stations on course (this could change).  You are required to carry all your food and water needs.  You must carry a minimum of 2 litres of water.  February can be very hot.  Be prepared.   There will be first aid supplies on Te Ahu Patiki peak at the checkpoint.  

Race Briefing - this is compulsory for all entrants and will be held at the School House 20 minutes before the start of your event.  You must come ready to start as we will move to the start line as soon as briefing is finished.  This is a 3 minute walk.  Have your gear with you and toileting done.  

CheckPoint there is a checkpoint at the peak.  Every runner must ensure their number and time are taken at this point.  Failure to do so could result in your DQ.   This records your time to the top but also acts as part of our safety protocols.  If tail end charlie gets to the top and you're not ticked off as having passed through we will go looking for you.  If you're sitting at the finish line having passed through the checkpoint without checking in we will be ticked off. 

Compulsory Gear - There will be a compulsory gear list released in due course.

Race Waiver & Rules - To be finalised.  Watch this space.

Private Land & Off Track there are parts of the course that cross private land.  These are strictly out of bounds apart from on race day.  Please do not train on these parts of the course.  You put the future of the race in jeopardy by doing so.  We will find out and you will be DQ'd from the race. There are also parts of the course within the park that go off track.  These are also out of bounds for training.  Please stick to all marked tracks within Orton Bradley Park and along the Mt Herbert walkways. 

Park facilities for supporters and post race -

  • The park Cafe will be open during the day for food and hot drinks, ice creams etc.  This is located near the finish line. 

  • There is a childrens playground further into the park and a stream for paddling if it is hot.  Children MUST be supervised at all times. 

  • The parks tracks both walking and mountain bike are open at all times during the event.  Please be courteous to other users and give way at all times.    

  • There is an entrance charge to the Park.  This is covered in your entry fee for yourself and your direct support crew.

Park Closure - Orton Bradley Park is closed for lambing and calving during August through to October.  This means all the tracks are closed during this time.  Please respect this. 

Parking there is ample parking within the park but please car pool if you are able.  Full details in the pre-race email sent out to all entrants in the lead up to race day.

Dogs - Orton Bradley Park is a working farm and privately owned.  There is a NO DOG policy ... this includes in vehicles.  Please leave your dog at home.  If you are found with a dog you will be asked to leave.

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