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Postponed to Jan 2023


Canterbury's First VK is set to truly test your climbing speed and stamina.

Will You Be crowned 

Te Ahu Patiki Peak

Queen Or King Hustler

Or will your superior downhill

techniques and speed enable you to overtake the strong climbers to take out the overall win.

Or maybe you just fancy a day in the hills soaking in the magnificent vistas as you make your way around the course.


Either way

Herbert Hustle

WIll Delight, Challenge & inspire all those who are Krayzie Enough to line up at the start! 

Come Hustle with the Krayzies

hustle:~  to move energetically, rapidly and with

relentless drive & determination towards your goal.


Herbert Hustle

~ a Krayzie VK

The Hustle starts and finishes at the beautiful Orton Bradley Park set amidst the magnificence of the erosion caldera of the extinct Lyttelton and Mt Herbert Volcanoes that now form part of the adventure playground of the Port Hills and Banks Peninsula in Christchurch.

It is here that you will test your running skills and agility, your climbing strength and your sheer determination, courage and tenacity.

You'll climb 1000 meters of ascent in 9kms.  There's a little down in the up to get that tiny bit of extra altitude.  You can thank us later.

Your VK starts just 9m above sea level, where a mass start sees you running up the park access road before you hit the single track that meanders next to Te Wharau stream and through regenerating native bush.  Your gentle climb up the valley ends at 3kms and your scramble begins.  For nearly 2kms you'll be forging a track up the hillside through tussocks and over rocks and streams before joining an old farm track and following this as you climb the final 4kms to the peak of Te Ahu Patiki/Mt Herbert.

Here your time will be recorded for the coveted Queen Or King Hustler Title and then it's a 7km dash to the finish.  This is where the downhill krayzies get a chance to catch and pass the uphill hustlers.  There's a little bit of technical single track to get you going, some stunning farm track that you can let loose on if you can take your eyes off the view for long enough.  With vistas across Te Whakaraupo taking in Purau, Otamahua, Ripapa, Te Heru O Kahukura, Pegasus Bay and beyond, your breath will be taken away if it hasn't already from the effort you have expended.  

There's a technical, gnarly, 40 degree gradient, pick your own track chucked in half way down just to test your limits followed by single track and pine forest magic and even a blat across an airfield to round out your adventure before the final descent to the finish.  

If you're not of a competitive mind then you can complete this adventure at a pace more akin to a mere mortal  ...  there's plenty of time to soak in the views and amble along at a less demanding and energy sapping speed. As long as you're back before course closure you'll be rewarded with one of our award winning finish line hugs, a native tree and some yummy refreshments and goodies just like the faster krayzie hustlers.

The only question that remains is:

Are You Krayzie Enough?


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